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Emaizejaimb ( 2008-10-15 13:20:45 )
In 1988, I bought my first car, and clearly the case, once it insured. Everything was good for the state.

For the year, my car three times scratched. No fault of mine. I regularly receive insurance. Even with a usury. But still not all insurance pays off.

And then me one, my friend advised. And you, said the fear of your car each year. Only these are not money to the insurance company Nesi, a host leave. And since then, has fifteen years I have regularly insure your car. 10% of the value of the car. Each year.

Was during this time and minor accidents and incidents. But I did not have a headache when dealing with insurers! I myself insurer.

And now, I can say, and correctly, I did that, then obey friend!

Home in this case, it ruchenku to this zanachku not run is not the case. And all would-type top.

And of course do not keep all the money in one place. Part of the currency of the RR part on deposit, part of promotions ... Well, etc.

The main thing is that at least a quarter of the cost of the machine could be quickly deleted. At the minor repairs.

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